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Thank you for your interest in my copywriting services.

You may be just “window shopping” for a copywriter who can write long persuasive sales letters, or you may just be curious about me. More likely, though, you’re on a mission to find someone who cannot only write persuasive copy well, but who is well versed in the emergency preparedness, or “prepper,” field. You don’t want to have to train a writer in your “lingo” before you hand over the project, with fingers crossed…

Whatever your reasons, you will want to know more about me before you hire me for your project. If we were sitting across from each other, face-to-face, or chatting on the phone, you would likely ask me some questions. Go here, and I will try to answer a few of those questions right now.


Some of My Services 

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What Other Say About Lisa

“Articulate and perceptive”

“Lisa is a careful, meticulous, and creative worker and scholar. She has an innate and skillful ability to help people who are in the worst of circumstances. Her ambition to seek advanced training was met with great courage and perseverance despite many obstacles in her path. Lisa is articulate and perceptive. Loyalty to people and causes is one of her strengths. If I were to need counseling, I would not hesitate to ask Lisa. She has proven her mettle and ability in one of the most difficult jobs she could have had.” Dwight M. Blood

Emeritus Professor, BYU

“Connecting with Lisa changed my life”

“It’s hard to put it all in the best words…. Compassion. Lisa has a way of making a person feel comfortable and not judged. She has a loving heart and is very good at opening people up. She played a huge part in helping me to choose a new path and return to “me” again. She sees beyond our issues or illnesses and sees another human struggling and hurting and she helps out. I respect her and look up to her. She is very knowledgeable and has taught me a lot. Her eyes are kind. She does have a firmness or seriousness that shows she means business, but for the most part in my experience with her, I only truly saw the caring and loving side, because I was ready to change. Connecting with Lisa changed my life.” Former therapy client

“Selfless dedicated work”

“We thank you, Lisa J. Bjornstad, for your years of loyalty, friendship and service. You have helped participants change their lives and you have been instrumental in saving lives. Your selfless dedicated work has made a lasting difference. Your professionalism, enthusiasm and care for those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction will remain very much appreciated.” From a plaque of appreciation presented by Benton County Oregon Drug Treatment Court

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